22 February 2012

Sìdhe Literary Collective blog

Since 2007 my wife and I have been members of the Sìdhe Literary Collective, a reading group with common interests in feminism and popular culture that was formed at Monash University. Recently we've been working on a blog, which has now gone live!

The Sìdhe Literary Collective blog (22/2/2012)

On the blog you'll be able to find information on the group and its history, details on the conferences we've organised, and an 'In the Media' section pulling together articles and interviews related to the group and its conferences. The first blog post is just an introduction to the website, but there will be another up shortly offering a recap of our recent conference, Tights and Tiaras: Female Superheroes and Media Cultures, which ran in August 2011. Check out the blog at sidheliterarycollective.blogspot.com.au

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