20 August 2012

The Locus Photo and Ephemera Archive Project

I received a great little parcel in the post today from the Locus Science Fiction Foundation for giving to their Photo and Ephemera Archive Project on Kickstarter, which managed to raise over $24,000 when its initial goal was $9,500. In the parcel was a t-shirt (with fantastic design by Shaun Tan), a chapbook (The Creator by Clifford D. Simak), five photo postcards and a bookmark.

I really look forward to seeing the results of LSFF's digitisation projects when they start becoming available online. I'm particularly excited about the prospect of being able to listen to digitisations of the vast collection of author interviews LSFF has on microcassette (a very degradable medium - trust me, I worked in my library's Music and Multimedia section for several years). The massive collection of sf ephemera passed into the hands of LSFF after Charles N. Brown, the co-founder and editor of Locus, passed away in 2009. I think it's awesome that LSFF is undertaking such a massive digitisation project and making these materials available to the wider sf community. I really hope they can achieve their ambitious goals with the money raised through Kickstarter. Donations to the Locus Photo and Ephemera Archive Project can be made on the Locus Science Fiction Foundation website.

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